Then there is Nighttime

We revved through the sounds of new music to our ears that was gathering dust by 1970

Finding new daily experience in an old world that was created for our hassle, to be hassled by such, and to smile after the worst was over 

We blitzed through the nights to find what was there and take back every morsel of experience captured in memory

We lived our days through what we have done and failed to do- glaciers of thought cover such reflection

We can never have back what we lost, but we can sometimes gain on time… just never get it back

So you have gone your road as other friends

I wish your journey pleasant in mild adventures, may insoluble happiness douse your days, and I hope that you are never burdened

with sadness…

ever again

So many days and years swept away like tears on various faces at funerals

Sometimes it is easier to not think about some friends because they are THAT close, but so damn far 

How departures become so much more powerful the older one gets

There is one ton of trust in the thought of being able to see someone again

This is the season of reflection; my favorite

It is also a quagmire of every emotion in the light

which get evoked from patterns of clouds down to the wind blowing over the waters of life…

…the scent of the air, the colors of the forests, the clothing, the barren fields

Then there is nighttime

where everything evoked is from pure thought or maybe darkness itself

Sometimes enhanced with libations of tea or sips of a micro brew

Some things never change as others certainly cannot be contained

Besides the temp, sounds, and words nighttime will go unchanged…

yet change is ever changing 

There will be another day that we will hang

Perhaps we will saunter

Write poetry

Listen to vinyl



Then there is nighttime;)

A great most vivid sonic impulsion into ears that listen… Who needs love? Answer below.


MC5 - I Want You Right Now

This is by far the sloppiest band I have ever heard live from the 60s and that is why they are not in the Psychedelic Progressive Garden on Spotify, but this song seriously kicks for the first two minutes and the last one. People chug these guys in the underground like folks did in the above with the Beatles. The Beatles had merit. The MC5 was spirit, but the songs lacked and were soggy. Their Lp, “Kick Out the Jams” is respected by many folks and maybe that is why it has taken me a week to write this. I just got an original and realized that ANY criticism given to Blue Cheer for being “a joke” was not by anyone that listened to THIS album.

I have a friend that says that he met a woman just like him. I wondered to myself, “soooo is she some sort of she-male?” Hours later I brought it to his attention. He didn’t smile, no grimace, not even a breath. If I was a saint it would be the patron saint of completely and utterly pissing people off- no joke. I can see it now: “God please invoke St. Dustin to help me antagonize this person in a very holy and understanding way… (and if by chance that does not thwart)… Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!” 

The best quote I have read in years:

"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” - Frederick Douglas

Fall has come, the plums and monarchs are gone, the wild apples and wild grapes are in… rose hips too.

Two Hangmen ~ Mason Proffit ~ #5 KSHE Classic of All-Time ~ Really Cool …

I remember making a tape for my departed friend by the end of the semester. This was one of his favorite songs and he did not have it so it was on the compilation. Like I said; he had a good ear… and a true heart.

This song reminds me of a friend who I have not seen in 19 years. He was a very peaceful person, a fellow mushroom hunter w/a keen ear for music. We met at a semester of college and that was the last time we saw each other. He sent me a postcard with the Velvet Underground debut lp on the cover. Maybe the association of the band/the peace in this song just reflect his goodness. We kept correspondance over the years, but then time gained. I finally tracked him… to his grave. God bless Woodford!

This is a symphonic psychedelic cut from a pretty tight band. Their most powerful song though I have posted before: Overseas Symphony. Enjoy the listen;)

In a groove for the Elevators.

I will try to take photos of the Monarch Migration this week!

I have been in the thick of it once. My ex-fiance and I were gathering wild plums. We walked into the most psychedelic sight that I have ever seen… 120 yards or so of surrealism. I have not seen it since. If I hit the moment right this year you might be impressed with the debauchery of transcendence.

Classic Bosstown sound psychedelia.