Can anyone help me with a quest?

I am looking for an Ultimate Spinach appearance on the Pat Boone Show (probably the 1968 series entitled “The Pat Boone Show in Hollywood”) performing “Your Head is Reeling”.

If you know how to find Blue Cheer’s appearance on The Steve Allen show that would be cool too (allegedly this footage was destroyed… you never know until you absolutely know… who might have a copy archived somewhere).

Thanks for any help.

From an earlier post:)

I got to hear that Amboy Dukes material from the Illinois Woodstock Nation bootleg today. There was a snippet of Ted Nugent’s stage force, but nothing worth 60 bones! It was an ending fragment of Migration and a marred snippet of Journey to the Center of the Mind. I also found out that according to one knowledgeable source that a good portion of the various band recordings were from THE ACTUAL WOODSTOCK. Allegedly there were recordings not used in the film/soundtrack and someone got their hands on them and combined the left-overs with a few blundered recorded tracks from the Kickapoo Creek Music Fest. I do not know how true any of that is. I know of a few bands that played at Woodstock that have yet to have their output released. That in itself makes me question many things brought to my attention today. As for the tiny clip of The Amboy Duke part of the bootleg- I think someone on a bad trip put it together. It is spliced in fragments and makes little sense at all. It is like a bad trap door commercial or something (reference to SNL).

I am so happy!

I had kind of a long day and took a serious gamble on a record that was resealed. There are crooks that reseal Lps and sell them for a premium and when you get home to listen to your flawless record and you take it out of the cover it looks like a dump truck slammed its breaks on top of it. This is a worse case scenario, but word gets around quick on who does this. The vendors that do this to people expect the buyer to never open the Lp to hold its value. I have few if any sealed Lps anymore because I need to know the truth with all of the greedy cons out there. The value for me is in the sound anyway. That is why I collect sound to begin with.

So I am studying this fav sealed Lp and it has a cut and has been resealed. The suliphane is old and kinda stained and it has the consistency of older suliphane- it is not as stretchy or reflective as the newer stuff. A sealed Lp from the 60s will more than likely have dirtyish plastic wrap. Sometimes the crooks will even put a different lp in the cover and shrink wrap it! I learn my lessons/research quick when I get burnt on a 75 dollar buy… and that was 3 years ago. So I get home and open it up- A FREAKIN’ PRISTINE ORIGINAL!image

Here is the wrapped corner. Just trying to save any of my followers any grief from a bad vinyl purchase… Any questions on anything feel free to ask. Man, did I get blessed today! Okay, like everyday, it just hits hits me straight in the ear today:)

I traded a pile of audio junk in my taste for a solid record. You can’t beat that! More space, more enjoyment, more value too at the end of the day!


And Now for the Tumblr post:

It is so silent… but the crickets… and peepers
It is as fine as a perfect rasped beam laid into a house
The crisp air whispers as factories scream beyond
and yet lights… can barely penetrate the darkness
Only vehicles scramble to nowhere
as I
delve into your mind
Good night:)

& the sun’s rays have marked this new day                                               The trees have their color change                                                             There is less food to find kitchen’s way                                                       The fields are getting shorter with each possibility

The humidity has left for a season                                                             The heat is in its inevitable retreat                                                               and a different wardrobe must be worn for this reason                               Reflecting time is sweet and cannot be beat

Like it or not                                                                                             time is on course                                                                                         It is never naught                                                                                         It is never late                                                                                             with its force

The time for the sun has come passed the set                                           The final rays staining the darkening sky are translucent                           The spring peepers, crickets, and lightening bugs are present                 telling the world that in weeks their silence will introduce cold’s intent

And the moon seems so much more crystal in the fall                             as leafs and acorns pummel space and branches down to the ground       as even in the lunar-lit darkness the ducks and geese give their call           as fish bursting above the water for their catch is a less frequent sound

The wind is more noticeable as are the bonfires than in the warm months In the French revolution the Reign of Terror named the days Vendemiaire The final harvest for the grapes is certainly on its way as for thoughts       that will need to be laid to the side until the other seasons pass the stars

Life, death, the beauty stay so pronounced                                                 So still, so short as the end comes unannounced                                       It is just one day and all is gone from the branches under a dim grey sky It happens every year not much beyond the present time

This is the only season that reveals the end in glorious gorgeousness   and then into a desolate, miserable, frozen arctic breeze of horridness  Persevere through frozen lungs into the green soft moist moss of spring makes life worth living especially to experience the next fall to see

So cuddle warmly around your fireside                                                     or perhaps with your blankets inside                                                           I hope through the seasons that you sleep well                                 because what you face is one long frozen hell

Sweet dreams warm beings;)                                                                     as I try to warm up to scrambled poetry                                                       I tried to construct this a certain way                                                           but I am tired today…                                                                                  it will have to stay on course                                                                      it will have to stay with time                                                                        it has been caught in that current                                                           and if it sinks… it bottoms out..                                                                   if not… maybe someone down the way will catch it                               Either way… I hope you dig it

July -[9]- Crying Is For Writers

Good chat tonight with fellow writers of old.

"Today’s Poem"- spawned by a surprising lunch

I like to cook for myself
I like to create on paper in the kitchen or around a campfire
I like to gather some ingredients from nature as others from stores
I am writing my first poem about it

It will not rhyme to this point
It might not even entice
I have yet to think twice
on what I am going to write

The sounds that come out of my mouth sometimes resemble a very sensual situation
A person only hearing an audio recording might think it was me in a fit of masterbation
But that is not the case… it is just the delicious gelling to my taste buds with no hesitation
I sincerely am thankful for every surprise and bite within such grandeur moments of feastdom

I like to think in myself, for myself, then all over myself
I like to express such through good times and bad
I like to read petrified words from a dusty shelf
I am not egocentric as if the first sentence had

I like to research various things
before bed and even when I clean
It ranges from nations and history
to music, adventures, and philosophy

The sounds that venture forth from the system out the front door range indeed
Classical, progressive, psychedelic, rock, punk, ethnic, and metal charge forth you see
The large bookcases are all stuffed for my appetite to learn and so I read
I enjoy a good record, a great book, and a best meal just the same as traveling

I like to have a good time
but it is better to share with a fine dame
Hiking, listening, chatting, wine and dine
traveling, concert going, foraging the same

I am single and seriously do not wonder why
I rarely go out and I am honest- that is no lie
I do not chase, I do not harass, I could care less
I hunt down dreams though that seem the best

I have a philosophy; good music, food, and libations attracts a decent one
I was at one time a hundred percent on that one; a dry spell has come
The best things in life are worth waiting for… so the best thing would be death
but until then… I am free The next adventure is the Spoon River Drive 2014;)

To the departed…

If interested…

For the record: Floyd borrowed the bobcat scream from Good Ol’ Uncle Sweaty Teddy Nugent (Amboy Dukes). The Dukes played shows in `68 with the Floyd. Ted started every show asking the crowd if they were ready in a low quiet voice. The crowd would give a slight response compared to the eruption of sound from Ted’s vocals and guitar antics… then bust into “Journey to the Center of the Mind”. I know someone that witnessed an Amboy Dukes concert during this time period. He has said that everyone was holding onto their seats out of amplified fear. It made an impression that no one could forget… not even the Floyd. This awesome song was released after playing by the side of the Nuge. Going from tranquil into a sea of dissident madness can work effectively sometimes.

Did I forget to mention that the Amboy Dukes were touring England in `67 in the same region as Floyd? Barrett probably hit his peak psychosis after seeing The Nuge.

There were few American rock/prog/psych bands that made it across the pond in the late 60s. Blue Cheer was another.

Also for the record, I am listening right now to the embryonic 11 minute Floyd version of this song and it has no bobcat screams and it was done in the first quarter of `68 in Amsterdam so that tells me that more than likely The Nuge influenced the Floyd with his Bob Cat antic during Floyd’s 1968 American tour… which was later. I only know for a fact that in 1968 the scream was used to get everyone’s attention. I also know that Floyd opened for the Nuge and THEN recorded the song with their imitation.

Sorry to bore anyone, but the Nuge needs credit. There was a rock festival in Hayworth, Illinois- a Woodstock type of thing and some lps were pressed of some the performers ranging from the Mama’s and Papa’s to The Amboy Dukes (who started the slop fest off). That was 1970. I have not heard that so I do not know if Ted was doing things the same at that point. I would like to find some audio documentation on the matter. What? You can’t tell?

I sometimes have to let loose my voice such as what is found above.

I sometimes have to let loose my voice such as what is found above.

I am not a Boss Except for the Government’s… it does not Listen:(

My Senator wrote me this morning so I had to respond:

Dear Senator Durbin,

Thanks for typing back. I will respond in kind to your letter:

Your first sentence ignores the entire issue. It is about human life not “women’s rights”. It is about taking responsibility for one’s actions not by a false understanding of a “right” by deeming some human beings more superior than others. Hitler, Stalin, Mao did that one to lead their nations. Look what that did. You could argue that the fetus is not a human being, but that is a lie. A fetus is a young baby, as a baby is a young kid, as a kid is a young teen, as a teen is a young adult (many times a big baby), as an adult is a young elder. In the same sentence you speak of reducing the number of abortions. Now if abortion is not a crime against humanity then why would you even mention reducing the issue that is obscured as a “right”?

Family planning and sex education: I think everybody gets sex ed in jr high. Not everyone gets responsibility as they grow. That is what leads to abortion in the first place in 99% of such cases. I know women that have got their tubes tied because they were more responsible than to have to make a choice to kill anyone created from their flesh and blood. Not that I support altering the human body, but it is less diabolical than murdering another human being. I support self control. Why don’t you? 

Family planning? Shouldn’t that be called potential destruction of your family? Like it or not the child has parents the second it comes into existence. They can ignore that fact, but sex education should have already taught them that. The list of adoption is set back. I know people in Illinois that have adopted from Russia because the wait is too long in America. If family planning was what it is suppose to be then adoption would be the answer not abortion. I do admire the fact that you support couples that do adopt. That is honorable and a start to end the war against the unborn. You call it a “woman’s rights” issue as I see it as a “human rights” issue. If murder is your answer then I suppose that your programs are a success.

You mentioned raising minimum wage. Minimum wage increase is the most fiscal idiotic move any state can make. Groceries go up months before the increase even takes place and the inflation is NEVER a fair balance either. For someone that lives below the poverty line like myself the inflation that the state creates (which absolutely does not a freaking thing but makes a thin false patch for a problem that it escalates by doing so) hurts my social contract than encourages it. I spend much of my time foraging/gathering in nature because most store prices are outrageous since the last couple minimum wage increases. I shop for markdowns at Kroeger’s, I go to Aldi’s, and Big Lots. The next minimum wage increase will probably make these obsolete to shop at. That is fine. The politicians have all of the answers though not a single one starves, worries about where they will lay their head down the next day, or even goes to a junkyard to get parts to fix their own car (except for Bobby Shilling- he’s the real deal!) Money is not the state’s answer. Mentality is… but that is ignored due to comforts. Just like the issue of abortion. Ignore the truth. I do not receive government aid and I never would. I can take care of myself as minimally comforting or uncomforting as it is. Why can’t anyone else in the same poverty that I am in do the same? Why is it that politicians seriously dig fiscal trenches that keep poverty alive and well? Poverty is not a crime greed (extreme affluence) is. I could care less who has more what than what I do. I work for what I have and there you have it. You think giving people stuff is going to help them? You think if they do not have to work for necessities that they are going to work anyway?  If the state did not dole out then they would work- they would be forced to do what everyone else does to exist. It is called working for a living. You cannot argue that there are no jobs either. Almost every fast food place, telemarketing company, and all sorts between have openings. Nobody wants to work them though and why should they when the state is giving them their paycheck so they can eat plastic food and watch the morphine screen called TV? “Income support” is what you call that and what it leads to anyway. Be honest and call it “life support”. I think human beings should support themselves excluding kids that do need the child support in that situation. The parent legally has to pay for that too. That makes sense. You play you pay. It is rudimentary math. The only folks that should be given state aid are the physically challenged, mentally handicapped, elderly, and the unborn (not with your death sentence either).  

Have a happy day.


Dustin Mahrt











Last post worth more than syllables this evening.

This is so gorgeous! It makes the double Lp for me.

I have had a few favorite songs through my life and this is the last one so far… for some years. I have a bootleg on vinyl from the 1978 tour at Wembly which is the best recording in my opinion. Yes was like the Who, V H (with Roth), Fear… they were much better live than what their Lps produced. Unfortunately this is all I have to reveal for their prowness. Front row (and that aged bootleg) the harmony kicks you into an eargasm with everything else going on. Digital blows! Analogue rules!